Construction Services

Maverick FTTX prides itself on the quality service provided for telecommunications construction projects. Maverick is experienced in construction management and provides value through our ability to self-perform all aspects including civil construction, aerial and underground installations, fiber-splicing testing, activation, and maintenance. We have installed and currently maintain fiber-optic networks constructed in electrical and telecommunications conduit systems. We have built out several networks for towns, municipalities, and private and publicly held utility companies, in order to help them expand their communication possibilities and reach their business objectives. Our clients, utility telco’s, municipalities, and cities often act as our best references, endorsing Maverick’s professionalism, as well as our attention to schedule and budget.

Our capabilities include:

  • Aerial
    • Strand/Lash, ADSS, OPGW
  • Underground
    • Micro Trenching, Directional and Pneumatic Bore, Plow, And More
    • Vault Installation, Rod, and Rope
  • Technical Services
    • Splicing And Technical for Fiber and Coax
    • Operational Testing and Consultation Analysis
  • Civil Construction
    • Pole Installation, Foundations, Manhole Installation, etc.
  • Quality Control and Analysis Services
  • Make Ready Construction Services
Fiber to the Home Construction Company